Romania – Sighisoara / Schäßburg

And how does it go on.

1533 km and our first stage destination is reached.

A wonderful friend, Daniel, told us in Germany that this is his hometown and we thought we would go there. And now we are actually here in Schäßburg, in Sighisoara. Of course, again with a host from the Warmshowers network, with Hans. An environmental activist, a cyclist, a warm person. We were allowed to stay with him, although he returned from a trip two days later. What trust.

Wild camping in Romania

In Romania, “wild” camping is not only tolerated but allowed. Of course there are a few exceptions, such as the ban on camping in nature reserves, but the feeling of being welcome with your own tent is a very special one.

This also led to us knocking on an elderly lady’s door during an approaching thunderstorm and asking if we could pitch our tent on her property, a meadow with small trees. And yes, we were very welcome. Bacon and eggs were brought to us, in her good we were to help ourselves to the vegetables and water from the well brought us at least a small “shower”. What a feeling of elation.

The thunderstorm was over and the next day we set off again. After a short while, the road became terrible. A European road, the lorries roared through the villages and past us. What landscapes were to our right and left? No idea. We were completely focused on not losing control of our bikes. Some trucks overtook us so closely that we felt the Bernoulli effect. There was no sidestripe. We were scared. 5000 lorries race through every village every day. What a loss of quality of life for the people there.

We reach Sighisoara after 25km

The next 3 days are marked by eating, fixing the bikes, eating, walking, eating, repairing the air mattress, eating, washing clothes, eating 🙂

Sighisoara, Schäßburg UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Above all, we plan our onward journey off the European roads on the way to Bucharest. Our host Hans helps us with this.

We have 337 km to go to Bucharest, 2570 m of altitude up and 2850 m down and an estimated duration of 7 days.

And of course, once there, we will book a guided bike tour 🙂

Our experience in Sighisoara: walking is difficult for us now 🙂


Why are we actually doing this?

I still don’t know exactly. But people like Hans, who explain things to you, who change your view of the world, or the people who give us eggs and a safe place to sleep, the animals that live out here, the fragrant grass, the bright flowers, the glowing sun, the blue sky and the cooling water….. To perceive all this so intensively is a reason for this journey.

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