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The RoRo Ferry
Our bicycles
Stranger Armenia
My window to the world
Familiar Armenia
Meghri-Pass – 2.535 m
Iran – first days
Pothole Iran
Kaleidoscope Iran
Thought carousel
United Arab Emirates
Oman – first days
Oman – Second days
A tribute to our earth
Oman: abandoned village
Oman: fortress
Oman: dunes and fish
India – first days
The House Mouse
A slum area in Bombay
Culture in Vietnam
Quiet Vietnam

More about me and my photography you can find on my homepage.

Most posts I wrote. My name is Andrea Künstle and I am a photographer. I studied photo engineering at the FH in Cologne. I use photography to talk about things that seem important to me. What is important and what is not, that can change. What does not change is that I use travel to break out of the thought carousel. It can happen that life no longer seems particularly worth living, but do not worry, I know how wonderful it is. To cope with all my thoughts, I do write about it.

When we are not traveling, I live in Berlin and mainly focus on people in photography.
I give workshops and lead photo trips to Cambodia, Sumatra, Israel, Egypt and Palestine, which I also “experienced” myself by bike and my life partner together.

When I’m not photographing, you can find me on the streets of Berlin as a bicycle guide or at work in a Brompton folding bike store.

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