This world is never the way I planned. Our earth has superpowers. She doesn’t need me, but I need her.

—— In the german language, earth is not neutral, but feminine. I like that. So I would like to say „she“ or „her“ instead of „it”. ——

We decided to travel 10 days in Oman!

I am often asked why we do all this to ourselves. Why do we travel through countries where there are state religions. Why do we travel through countries where it feels like trucks are trying to „kill“ us? Why do we travel through countries where animals or even humans are not worth anything? 

Let me try to explain:
First of all, we are not traveling primarily through countries, we are traveling on our earth.  A planet that is full of surprises. There are enchanting landscapes, exciting creatures, wonderful people and… well, unfortunately also the not so nice things: landscapes, creatures, people, and experiences.

We humans are responsible for how we want to experience all this now and in the future!

I saw a beautiful turtle on the beach today. Flattened. YES, you read correctly. Flattened!

I am so angry and sad! There might be people, in the next evolutionary stage, probably without legs, sitting in their fat car boxes and rolling along the beach. With what naturalness. The playing children have to move to the edge, dogs are not allowed to romp around, and turtles… this beach is their home … No, as a turtle you have no chance. Isn’t it our responsibility how we deal with nature? Yes, I think it is!
(just to add: not only the people living here, even many tourists do this driving on the beach)

The earth is so beautiful!

No Germany is responsible for a picturesque fairytale Brandenburg. No Georgia or Armenia for the magnificent mountains. No Oman for the shining clear and pure deserts or the wonderful rushing cooling sea. The beauty of this earth exists entirely without us humans and countries.

And what are we doing? We are destroying our livelihood and that of many other living creatures. 

The earth is turning!

She just does it. She turns into the sun and also out again. It is not the sun that rises or sets (just a short explanation, because I know, there are some still out there, believing the earth is flat).

We humans are sure (and religions are guilty of this) that without us, nothing would work in this world. “Subdue the world“! What a nonsense. What an absolute nonsense. What an arrogance. If the meaning of this sentence was „I gave it to you. Now it is in your responsibility“, that would be an approach, but too many people take this religion stuff too easy on themselves. Okay, that is another topic.

Back to our earth!

So far, only once in my life I have been left breathless at the sight of a landscape. That was in Jordan. And even though it didn’t take my breath away here in Oman, this landscape will help me rediscover my sense of humor which gives back my energy. We will laugh a lot in these 10 days and with Klaus as a teammate, these often end in tears, tears of laughter, we will hold our bellies, we will laugh our heads off and, I think, even the donkeys could not hold on to themselves a few times to laugh. This laughter will strengthen us for all the adversities that may or… most definitely… will come. When you and I can no longer make each other laugh, it’s time to make a change. And that’s what we’re doing with this trip.

Traveling the world makes me happy. Maybe it is because of her superpowers.


I need a bit of these superpowers now after all what happened so far and so we’re going to get up close and personal in 10 days. A journey with known or unknown sounds and smells, the wind, the waves, life and death.

We will visit ruined places, wadis, oases, dune landscapes and deserts of stone. And of course the sea. We will be at the top and at the bottom. It will be a breathtaking 10 days.

I hope I will be able to tell you about all this in such a way that you can „see“ it without being there. All these storys and pictures will be coming up in the next few weeks. 

Stay curious…
Here you can read about our first 3 days traveling Oman!

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