Yes, again it is also about food. Some have noticed that Klaus is almost always eating in the photos. In fact, besides cycling, finding places to sleep in the tent, organize the visa and try to keep all our stuff somehow organized, this is our main challenge. To get “good food”, which provides us with the most necessary energy and vitamins is not always easy. But when we do find something, it is usually exquisitely delicious. Even a simple banana becomes a heavenly experience on our travels.

Coming to Vietnam

In India it was really easy to get good food for vegetarians. Here in Vietnam it doesn’t seem to be really hard either, but, we are still in the big city Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Our journey from India to Vietnam took us almost 36h. Bikes and bags, all intact, stamp in the ID with the visa for 30 days done in 2 minutes, found a cab and drove to the bike store. Put everything back together with great help from Vietnam Cycling Tours and organized the SIM card. 

Best times in the city

5 days ago we entered the country and have the mega great luck to stay with Ronald and his partner for a few days. The perfect start into a new country. Getting used again: new language, new currency, different food and the traffic on the right side of the street again. 

Tomorrow we will start to move forward. We are heading north, then to Laos and down the Mekong to Cambodia. For both countries we got the visas here in Saigon.  Otherwise we drove around, explored a few different districts, visited galleries and museums and took a ride on a water cab. And of course ate and ate and ate and found probably the best vegetarian noodle soup in town.

We quickly got used to the crowds of scooters in town, the driving on the right side, the food. But that is also a piece of cake with these friendly people.

I am curious how it will be in the more rural areas. Now it’s time to pack up, get the bikes ready and get out of this wonderful safe environment. Thank you Ronald and Manh, you are fantastic and thank you for making the start in this new country so easy.

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