What does luxury mean?
At first I do think of expensive watches, expensive cars, a yacht perhaps?
For us, it means moving into the world, being delivered to the world. To travel with as little as possible. To be happy about the small, simple things. To stay healthy.

What does luxury mean?
Wikipedia says: “costly, wasteful, greatly exceeding the usual framework (of living), serving only the pleasure and enjoyment”.
And in part, this actually also applies to us: “expenditure serving pleasure and enjoyment”.
Above all, we have made a lot of effort to let go. To give things away, to sell them or to throw them away. Now we sit in our almost empty studio and take care of the last organizational things, pack our bags and wait for the day when it finally starts. April 30, 2022. After 11 years we set off again into the world with our bicycles. The plan is 2 years, maybe 3, but who knows, maybe we will be back after 6 months.
We made the decision 2.5 years ago to do it again, to embark on a long bicycle journey. Since then we have been planning and now it is 12 days until we are somehow homeless again. This time we are going without dogs and trailer but with the same bicycles.

We are still not done with the bike packing. We are afraid that not everything will fit into the bags after all and that we will have to part with some of the little again.
I suspect that we will push this until the last day.
Until then, we will practice already the camping feeling and conjure up the most delicious menus with our travel stove, a vegan tuna pasta salad.

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