How nice to be full of prejudices…. and then not to have them confirmed.
We plan our routes with Komoot. Komoot is a route planner, navigation app, tour directory and social network for outdoor activities. It is mainly aimed at cyclists, hikers and racing cyclists.
And it finds wonderful routes. Mostly off the beaten path. Of course, that can sometimes lead to paths that we almost can’t negotiate with our luggage. Therefore, we prefer to plan the routes for racing cyclists. But even that is no guarantee.

Today, day 14, after more than 700 km and we had only max 10% routes that really stressed us. In general, cycling in Poland is so much better than expected and actually better than in Berlin. There is hardly honked and actually almost never pushed. In Wroclaw and Krakow, the bike paths are incredibly developed. Almost every one-way street is passable by cyclists in both directions. Most streets have a bike lane. And it almost seems that drivers have real “respect” for all other road users. First come the pedestrians, then the cyclists and only then the cars.

And we even found this one 🙂


Crosswalks are a real reason to stop here and usually car drivers do this meters before. Berlin, Berlin, maybe you should take a look at the bike concept in Poland 🙂

Cycling in Poland means for us so far kilometers long routes on small side roads, past green meadows, yellow rape fields and until now with blue sky and white clouds.

Maybe two more days in Poland. We might miss the cycling roads. Let’s see how it is in Slovakia and Hungary. Our next countries to cycle.

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