Normally, cycling a bicycle makes us happy. But we rolled full into the first frustration.
The nights were bitterly cold, the tent wet every morning, the stages dragged and were really exhausting. We are tired.

The bags heavy, chaos seems to spread and the mood sinks.
But we should remain fair, because after only 5 days this could happen. It’s just that 5 days already seems so infinitely long to us and that’s probably why we put ourselves under this pressure, which it doesn’t need. Now after 14 days and our second “warmshower” encounter it is getting a little better. We are more sorted, the processes work better and we know what we can and want in this beginning of the tour.
The usual mistake: setting the goal too high.

We make a little video for each day, which we share on TikTok and I think you can see the effort.
But besides all the frustration I mentioned, of course we’ve had the most beautiful encounters with people. And when we ask ourselves again “why are we doing this”, or tell ourselves “we are too old for this shit”, then we think back to these moments. For example, the moment when a forester turned around in his car to give us his phone number, just in case we had problems with our tent in the forest during the night.

Or the moment when we ate the most delicious muesli or simple noodle dish in the middle of a wonderful smelling green meadow. And maybe the moments when we were aware that this wonderful moment is the one that counts.
Frustration is allowed to have its place on a planed world cycling trip, I guess.

P.S.: Next to all the frustration, one nice side effect 🙂 I can almost eat as much as I want to 🙂

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