If you have read the previous report about “collecting Data“, you might have wondered where the power for Klaus’ little data collector device comes from. It comes from our Solar Panel “to go”. 

In forests and on meadows there are no power sockets and since we only camp in the wild, the energy supply gets tight very quickly. And our mobile phones also need to be charged, especially when I’ve taken one or two more photos. That’s why we have a solar panel with us, which simply collects the energy during the day, even when there’s not much sun, and stores it in a power bank or directly in our mobile phones.

The Powerbank

With the powerbank we could even charge our laptops, but we don’t really sit in the wilderness with our laptops (exceptions happen, of course 🙂 ).

In the evening, shortly before sunset, we like to enjoy the last rays of the sun and collect the last available energy with our panel.

It feels fantastic that we have actually been able to travel independently of a power grid so far.

Of course, we can also lay the panel over the tent or the ground, hang it from a tree or even attach it to our backpack. It is light and incredibly flexible.

Our sun, that glowing ball up there in the sky is a fantastic source of energy and with our solar panel “To Go” we collect it and just take the energy with us.

Here you can see in a little video how it is mounted on the bike.

I’ve often heard that these are only something for emergencies, but I can’t confirm that. It depends on the purpose. For us, it is completely sufficient.

Solar Panel

Unfortunately, solar energy is not enough for us personally. We still have to supply energy in the form of food. Which, of course, is not the worst thing either 🙂

21 Watt folding solar panel from Anker

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