Slovakia has many neighbours: Austria, Hungary, Poland , Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

We cross it from Poland to Hungary. Here we only need a few days, and if it hadn’t been for these indications, the border signs, we wouldn’t have noticed we were in another country.

And, we unpacked the EURO again.

Once again we stayed with a Warmshowers contact. This time with Laszlo and his family. But this time in a little paradise. We have our own big room with a four-poster bed, we are cooked with small works of art


shown around and integrated into the life of this family. We quickly felt at home and if we had stayed longer, it might have been hard to leave.

Why all these people offer their support through this network is not yet clear to me. Yes, it’s nice to get to know other cyclists and their stories. Yes, people like to help. It’s a chance to connect with people from different places and social classes. We have the same interests, because Warmshowers is about cyclists, but then…why is the whole family supporting this idea?

 I wonder if these people are already living this network idea intensively, not thinking in borders anymore (link to post about borders Romania). I will try to find out more about their motivation in future Warmshowers contacts. One thing is for sure: it is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about people and countries directly from the local people.

We did not learn much about Slovakia itself. Rather, we talked about Hungary, Ukraine and Poland or somehow it was similar or… the borders are just too vague.

And of course, I felt in love with this dog 🙂

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