From Slovakia on the way to Romania, we cross the easternmost tip of Hungary. If there wasn’t a different currency here, I would hardly have noticed that we were in a different country. Slovaks and Romanians cross this country as if there were no borders. And we have the first 1000km on our speedometer.

Kilometers are not that important, but they are always an anchor. When we set off in the morning and the first 25km are done, it’s a great feeling. We are slowly increasing our daily workload from just over 40 km to 80 km a day, but of course it always depends on the gradients how much we really manage. Before larger cities we try to do only short stages, max. 25km, because the entrances to cities always need a lot of energy for the traffic and orientation.

Often we are very concentrated, but often we can just enjoy the landscapes. Now in May, the world is simply unbelievably beautiful in these latitudes. Lush green and pink, yellow, purple flowers accompany us every day. What a splendor. I can’t remember ever having experienced spring with such intensity. We are amazed and radiate anew every day.

And when nature shows itself so renewed and fresh, maybe it’s time for a shave in Hungary 🙂

The hospitality also hit us full force. A thunderstorm came up and we took shelter in a small place under a roof of an empty house.

A young man, Lenvente, came from the other side, we talked and finally we had hot tea, sweets, a brandy and fresh eggs in our hands. He invited us to his family and was persistent in showing us how his family lives. A smiling family and one of those by chance warm encounters.

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