On day 51 we reached Bulgaria.
We cycled mostly on the roads close to the Black Sea. We used for the first time a camping space for one night and again, we got some new money. In Bulgaria you pay with Lew. In Varna we found a place to stay at a Warmshowers host again. We wanted to check out about the ferry from Bulgaria to Georgia.
We knew, that there should be one going every Friday. Unfortunately, it is currently in dry dock and will not do the route until the 15th of July.
We went to several places at the harbor to find a solution, but it looks like there is none.
One small chance: there is another ferry on the 5th of July, but not sure if it takes passengers.
So we will cycle around on the Coast a little bit, while we have to wait.

Crazy, how the Ukraine-Russian war affects the world.
We are sitting on this side, so beautiful and peaceful, knowing, that it is complete different on the other side of the Black Sea. We lay in the sand, children run around, they let fly kites, they are laughing, swimming, playing beach volleyball. This is the reality on this side for the Bulgarian people, for us.
On the other side landmines are buried on the beach.

So we wait. Which is really not the worst on the Black Sea. Free time, good food, some drinks and a kind of “we have to endure boredom” 🙂

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