We are now in Armenia and if you ask me today how many days we have been travelling around the country, I don’t know. 10 days? 20 days? And then we look it up and it’s only been 4 days. What?

I still have no idea what makes the experience rate in Armenia so high!

But I am happy that we still have many days to go before we travel to Iran. Tomorrow we continue to Yerevan.
Just a few photographic impressions and you can be sure there will be plenty to report. Armenia, a country that I really would never have focused on. What a wonderful surprise.
Just like in Georgia, when the amount of Photos rises, there must be something wonderful 🙂

By the way, as far as fruits are concerned, Armenia could become the country of my dreams. Not only the insanely aromatic peaches but also many other fruits cover the country with a wonderful fragrance.

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