And that’s a sign that my mood is rising. Georgia is making me feeling happy.


Bad moods are a real waste of life time, they upset the stomach, they make you prone to illness, so it’s about time for good moods, real good moods.

There is a study that people who give free expression to their feelings in artistic activities reach a mood high, while those who only make copies could not speak of it.

And that’s how I feel in photography. When I look for something that I may have seen before, it almost makes me unhappy. Even when I find it, the good mood doesn’t come.

But when I manage to just observe and take the shot at the right moment, I notice how the endorphins rise and an insane feeling of happiness rises in me.

For the last post, which is about our bicycles, I photographed parts of them. Sure, they have to be cleaned first, I thought. But then I decided against it and left everything as “dirty” as it was. That was the reality, that was the personal, that was us and our bicycles. Those pictures made me feel good.

What does all this have to do with Georgia?

It seems to me that I have found something “real” here, seen something. I am beginning to like my photographs and think that they tell stories, even without words.
Is that because of Georgia or because of me? I don’t know.
But I can confirm what a good friend from Israel said after seeing my photographs:

I understand it’s a must place.

Yes, it is. The Black See, the Caucasus, the people, the cities, the architecture, the food.

We want to go on and so we have maybe max. 4 days until we enter Armenia. But still, 4 days in which we can experience a lot.

So here are some expressions of our trip through Georgia. What a wide variety of experiences.

By the way, the image of the cycling Kiwi is from a vegan restaurant in Tbilisi

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