We started in May 2022 in Berlin and finally reached the border to Iran from Armenia. Wow!

Iran is not really on our bucket list of countries to visit, but due to many warlike activities of different countries at the moment the only way to travel further towards Cambodia. We have a 30 day visa and will try not to have to extend it. The country is huge and we will possibly do some stages by train or try hitchhiking with a truck, to get to the border to Pakistan and from there to India. This is the plan.
But what was waiting for us in “Iran – first days” of cycling, were beautiful and really unique landscapes and rock formations. Breathtaking.
At the moment we are in Tabriz, planning our onward journey. Next stop will be Teheran for sure.

Until then, we try to get in touch with the countryside a little bit more and especially we are curious about Teheran and the young people. We are curious how a city of millions finds the balance between modernity and culture, or does not find it.

Tabriz so far has an Historical Bazaar, which is worth visiting. We went early in the morning to enjoy the building with almost no people. The Bazaar offers mostly what you know from various Bazaars in the world, but the huge complex is really amazing. And we did a short video (sorry, since so much is blocked in the internet in this country, the video comes later) to take you a little bit around. Too bad you can not have a zip of the smell of all the spices behind the doors.

In case you are wondering what I do look like strolling the streets in Iran 🙂

Andrea in Iran
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