We have already climbed a few passes and many meters in altitude on our tour. This pass should be the highest and most difficult, the Meghri-Pass.

From the mining town of Kadscheran, the road winds high up to the highest road pass in the country, the Meghri-Pass at 2,535 meters. Here we take our last break before the border to Iran. A long break, because we want to enjoy the view, the light and the feeling of having made it to the Meghri-Pass. From now on, it’s all downhill.

But now first to the ascent!

Once again we had a queasy feeling: will we make it? Do we have to park one bike and then piece by piece push one bike together? How will it be on this road with the trucks?
(Last picture, you can see a truck rolled down the slope)

Our worries this time probably led to the fact that we were mentally incredibly solid and have simply managed this climb. It was really… terrific and then we were suddenly already on top. We had a section that we pushed together, that the ground was so loose that we expected spinning tires. But otherwise it was one of the most relaxed and beautiful climbs on this trip

At the top I stuck my first sticker, the one from our bike mechanic Recycles. After all, we had now made over 4,000 km without a breakdown. Of course, then put a streetpepper sticker as well 🙂 and made a short video about it.

We are really a bit proud of ourselves and our confidence in our strength!

Of course the trucks were annoying again. Even if they drove slowly, they often enough came way too close to us, were way too loud and way too stinky. But it seems to me that we’re getting used to that, too.
One of them was not so lucky and left the road at Meghri-Pass and rolled down the slope. He survived.
We then rolled down, continued towards the Iranian border and pitched our tent for the last night in Armenia on a fig plantation, protected from the strong gusts of wind.

And of course, we were then also presented with these delicious fruits directly from the tree.
Armenia, it was great with you. Thank you very much.

Some impressions of this amazing view from the Meghri Pass in Armenia. Really worth climbing with the bicycle and spending some time to enjoy.

By the way, maybe the Coke with Coffee and Zero Sugar is the same as the spinach for Poppey. Give it a try. It seems it made us stronger 🙂

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