A tribute to our earth: part 3 of 3

Day 7: Dunes

Dunes means sand. Lots of sand. And nothing where we could hide from the sun, from the looks, from the sand.

The perceptions could not be more different! 

Klaus is not really a fan of sand, while I would love to roll down the dunes. It’s not the first sandy desert for us and I’m not here for any self-awareness, to ground myself again or to experience anything greater. I am merely keen on the bolder, the photos. 
Deserts are somehow hostile to life. Only a few specific creatures and plants manage to get along here. For us humans it remains a struggle.

„Flowing”, the constantly “changing“!

What fascinates me is the “flowing”, the constantly “changing”. A landscape as a piece of art. Natural works of art that are constantly changing and in which one beauty gives way to the next. Everywhere I discover combinations of surfaces, lines and beautiful curves. Shadows and light. And again and again these little green stalks sticking out of this „soft river“. If I wanted to learn to paint naked bodies, I would probably first learn to paint dunes to get all the variety of shades that are possible. Mathematical and physical laws are behind all these “pictures”. One can look at dunes in such a matter-of-fact way. And while the sun disappears on the horizon, the magic of the visible dune landscapes slowly disappears. 

We pitched our tent on the edge of such a dune.

Tonight I can hardly sleep. The last few days our earth has come back so close to me.
Even if in the meantime the sand between the teeth gnashes and we can call probably no more spot without sand ours, I would not like to miss the night here.
We didn’t go deep into this dune landscape, but we didn’t need to, because already at the foothills it is big, powerful, wonderful.

Day 8: Mountains

Once more I wanted to go to the mountains. Again the way ended very soon for us, without 4×4 vehicle. But the place we found there for us and our tent was phenomenal.

Again mountains around us. Again stones and more stones. Brown, red, gray, black.

So that’s what it’s like when you look out of your eyes again, free of old experiences, and feel so very light. The “seeing” comes back.

The earth has super powers after all. That is exactly what I had hoped to create for myself.
So there it is back, the kind of life I like to live.

We stay in this place. Somehow again nothing special and yet spectacular!

I watch the shadows that so slowly overflow every mountain and peak. We go to sleep and in the morning, before the sun illuminates the first peaks, we sit again in front of our tent, with a tea in hand and continue to marvel. Slowly the shadows disappear from the peaks and mountains and the sun is back.

One thing is still missing before we finish the trip: the sea.

Day 9: Sea and Fish

I knew the last 2 days we would be at the sea. Let’s think for a moment, why was I looking forward to it? Because there is finally fresh fish? Of course not. We wouldn’t have to fish at all, they are already lying on the beach.

What exactly happened we don’t know. It is said that the waste from the ships is dumped directly into the sea or that the oxygen content in the sea here has been decreasing for years. Seagulls don’t peck at them because they are poisonous. So here they are, with their Big Eyes, watching us every step of the way.

Day 10: Muscat

It is a sad sight and even the village around this place feels not to be filled with a lot of life and we continue towards the city Sur. We find a wonderful place for our tent right on the beach and I sleep like a baby with the sound of the waves in my ears.

The vacation is over. We still have until the 27th of December until our ship leaves for India. Until then I will train with Klaus. Biking, swimming, jogging. Every day a little bit more and we will see how it goes.
Small steps have strengthened us mentally and physically again in the last weeks.

I am looking forward to a colorful India, people on the streets, life out of the boxes and uns in between all of this. And I’m really looking forward to our next stages on the bicycle.

A tribute to our earth and how it started here in Oman!

Life paths
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