What does she write about her bicycle bell, some will think. Probably the most unimportant, most unaesthetic component on a bicycle will think most.
And some will think that you only use it anyway, if at all, when you are angry.
So similar to how almost all car drivers use their horn, namely for traffic education.
The German Bicycle Club (ADFC) recommends a minimum of 85 decibels for a bicycle bell, and as high as possible. The Germans 🙂

85 decibels, that’s almost as loud as a played saxophone, trumpet, trombone or drums – they reach around 90 dB.

I have no idea how much my bell reaches, but it is loud enough and the sound is high enough. Above all, the sound is beautiful. And playing a saxophone on a bicycle doesn’t look so good either, I think. Of course we can shout “Caution! Attention! Clear the way!”, Or ring the bell! This could frighten passers-by. Especially if, as for example in Iran, a bicycle bell never occurs in daily life and thus no one reacts to the ringing, shouts may help better.

Nonsense of an expensive bell

So what is the nonsense then with an expensive bell (about 50 EUR), no one needs it.
We do.
For us, the bell is more than a warning to other road users.
It is almost in constant use. Sometimes just to say hello, sometimes to get rid of anger about the many crazy drivers on the roads, sometimes against wild dogs, to ward them off with a first shock, or maybe to warn. Sometimes it’s just fun to use the bell when everyone else is using the horn.

Strict believers claim the bicycle bell is a temporary audible signal to warn other road users. Forget it! It is a visual expression of personality! The rested type may chooses a motif that harmonizes with the round shape: donut, melon, toadstool, umbrella, moon or record. And the soccer, of course. Shamrocks, toadstools, cowbell sound, tiger duck and of course the unicorn.

Gladly, very gladly it is used by participants of led bicycle tours in Berlin and particularly, if the pedestrians are on the ways in the Tiergarden, on which the cyclists are actually only tolerated. It makes many simply fun to see when such a biped by a spirited jump lands in the bushes. Who rings the bell is right, they believe.
(I am such a bicycle tour guide and explain before each tour to the participants that the bell is not for traffic education, but there I’m probably often too quiet, it simply is overheard).

The bell is broken

And now it’s broken. Not mine, but Klaus’. Just fell off the handlebar. Panic. You can’t ride without a bell.
It’s not unusual for us to give a little concert, ringing in unison.
Our bells not only have the best sound, look fantastic minimalist, also the feel when you let the “hammer” hit against the metal, just fantastic.
And now that it’s gone, Klaus’ bell, he misses it.
So I wrote to Spurcycle, took a picture of the remains and asked if they could send us some spare parts. And what can I say, soon Klaus can ring again to his heart’s content. A package with spare parts and a completely new bell is on its way. One that is specially coated. They were surprised how the weather had affected it. But let’s be honest, I’m not surprised.

And there it is, the new bell with its unique sound and I’m looking forward to our next concerts in unison.

spurcycle bicycle bell

And what could be a better place than cycling Angkor, the capital city of the former Khmer Empire, to use the new bell!

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