I have never written about the last days in a country. The change usually happens far too quickly and full of melancholy about saying goodbye and with a lot of euphoria about what might come leaving one country and going into a new one. I didn’t know if we would make it this far. But all this shit that happens on the way somehow always forces us to find new ways and keeps us going.

A journey between melancholy and euphoria

Would we make it any further, we ask ourselves almost every day, how do we want to live after all this? What really makes us happy? Or how much happiness do we even need? But perhaps we also ask ourselves what kind of life could make sense for us?

And once again we are living in a model of the future even though we know that we don’t know it. We are earthly beings and not “heaven-bound”. We cannot expect any help from there. The question of what happens next will be answered by the future, not by heaven.

We are travelling, and that is definitely the best way to get to know the world

We learn so much from the people we meet and how it feels. Whether I feel melancholic or rather euphoric depends on which direction I look in, which people we surround ourselves with and which messages come through to us.

We’ve learnt one thing up to this point, and it’s no secret: the world is wonderful. So let’s just look around a little more where it is good for us.

There is still a lot to do and I will probably never understand why there has to be so much suffering. Well, I’ll put it in my bag, tie it up and even if it gets heavier and heavier, we’ll get more and more strength to carry it through our journey.

I am happy if you have accompanied us this far and perhaps will continue to do so. Even if you often disagree with me, have your own opinion, have a different opinion. At some point we might be able to throw all our opinions into one pile. They will fit together in one way.

Until then, I darn our socks, we mend the inner tubes, push our bikes through thickets and up hills, and I photograph it all. We marvel at nature, savour delicious and not-so-delicious food and keep deciding which way to go.

Last days before we leave Malaysia for Singapore, the next country to come.

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