Negative thoughts can really ruin your day, especially when they do not flow, but circle around like a carousel. Yes, I know, of course I could just let them pass like clouds in the sky. But it doesn’t work for Iran. Maybe I could have done something so that it ends positively or more positively. But that is now in the past. So the answer is “no”. Ergo, I must somehow close with this country and my experiences there.

To finish with my experiences and emotions for this country, the only thing I have left is the motivation for something new. Nevertheless, I have given all this again the space that it needs to pack the feelings. I have written about it. About potholes, about hospitality and the kaleidoscope of Iran.
A carousel ride, but I only allow this children’s carousel, a real small one.
So it works to look at this with more curiosity, childlike curiosity and to go with lighter step into the next adventure.

This carousel was next to one of the place we stayed for a while in Iran. Since taking pictures is forbidden, except when you do sightseeing at the main points, we did have to hurry and it took us 2 days to finish this.

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