Holiday architecture photography and wild architecture mix in Tbilisi!

We’re not big on castles and monasteries. That’s why we weren’t so keen on a guided tour, which is all about so very old history and lots and lots of religion. One church and another and another. Yes, we did such a guided tour. Duty fulfilled. Yes, it is also difficult with us.
Photography has a lot to do with my longings for freedom, travel, discovery, my curiosity and my restlessness. It is my window to the world.

And so we always have a lot of energy to go on a discovery tour ourselves. And we don’t just discover “beauties”. Beauty is a very subjective thing anyway and I don’t think much of categories or evaluations. The motif has to be relevant to me; “beautiful” is not a decisive definition.

We are amazed and speechless!

Brutalist blocks of flats in the style of the socialist era characterise the cityscape of the capital of Georgia, as well as classicist, neo-baroque and art nouveau buildings. Since the 2000s, contemporary architecture should also reflect the change of the former Soviet republic.

This history, which is reflected in the architecture, arouses curiosity.  Architecture is a great art, and in the best case it also creates meaning. I like to look at it reverently and carefully. Houses and places that have a special charm, that function and don’t imprison, but correspond with their surroundings, interest me a lot. But often architects seem to want to do the opposite. There can be many reasons why this is so, but above all it hurts in a certain way.  It should communicate with the surroundings and, in addition to providing protection and living space, above all open up a space of possibility for the inhabitants to be able to think in new ways.
Whether it always succeeds? I dare to doubt it. We are currently in the luxurious situation of being able to take our time and freely decide when we want to do what and thus discover. Photography is my access to the world.

So have a look and see if this makes you curious, too.

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Georgia window

Georgia Eurasian state on the border between Europe and Asia. Neighbouring countries are Russia (north), Turkey and Armenia (south) and Azerbaijan (east). Georgia has a population of just over 3.7 million, with a quarter of the population living in the capital region of Tbilisi. There is no longer a visa requirement for Europeans, but their share is rather low, the German quota is around one per cent. The country, which is the size of Bavaria, attracts about five million visitors a year to its Black Sea beaches, to the Great Caucasus with its five-thousand-metre peaks, to the wine regions or to the cosmopolitan capital Tbilisi.

And some window that always opens with architecture: Street Art!

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