Architecture in Tel Aviv

Everyone talks about Bauhaus

The white city, Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv.
There are infinitely more styles to discover, influenced by all those who occupied the country over the years, often adapted to the local climate and landscape.
Buildings in Bauhaus style or using some elements of Bauhaus, glass skyscrapers, sculptural concrete brutalism architecture, Arab arches, minarets, russian orthodox onion domes and Templar houses with red tiled roofs.
This variety of influences makes a journey through architecture so exciting and you should not reduce Tel Aviv to Bauhaus architecture. Especially since many of the houses are in a terrible condition and in urgent need of renovation.
However, this is expensive, because many of them are listed buildings, which means an enormous additional cost, but the tenants still have old contracts, so the income for such a renovation is not enough.


Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv today

One floor may be added to many of the old Bauhaus buildings on top. With the sale of the space, the houses are then to be renovated. Another method is that if someone builds a high-rise building in the neighbourhood, renovation must also be financed for one building.
Both may not be the best way to preserve the white city.


There are some suggestions for you to see fantastic architecture, my favorites:


And if you feel, this is too nice looking, you can find some not so nice renovated houses in my article about Conquere a city 🙂

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