Magazine – Foto Fernweh

A magazine about travelling, about the people we meet. It’s about photography and of course about the special perspectives through aerial shots with our drone.
It’s about travelling by bicycle and this special way to explore other countries and cultures.



Eyes of Cambodia

The first magazine, „Eyes of Cambodia“, is mainly talking about the people in Cambodia. We talk about charity projects, the markets, our „dronies“ and a little bit about the history and its traces, which are still visible and tangible today.

It is all about portraits!
You do not take true portraits secretly or in passing. Take your time, ask for permission. If the language is difficult, eye contact and a smile will help. Do not frighten people with your technique. Be well prepared regarding your choice of lens.
If you get involved with your counterpart, then you will release at the right moment.
And if you have taken the portrait, then take the rest of the day off. Stroll around and enjoy what you’ve done.


Structures of Cambodia

The second part, „Structures of Cambodia“, is about the country and its history. How time and space change our views. How structures describe change and, of course, it is again about photography.
We report on the „Donation Drone“, how we collected donations with it and what a golf club in Cambodia can do for the country and the people.

You can read the magazine for free online on my Webpage Künstle Foto Fernweh

We did some kind of Donation projects in Cambodia, but for now, I would need your help. I wanted the magazine to be printed, but because of Corona I lost all my work for some time.
But read more here: StartNext Fotofernweh

Why we travel

Winters are dark and grey in Berlin.
That’s why we always set off to other countries during this time.
2017-2018 we spent 4 months in Cambodia.
We travel with our Brompton folding bikes to be as close as possible to the people and the landscape.
„A bicycle is slow enough to see the trees and fast enough to get through the forest.“