Corona – where will it lead us?

This blog is about travelling, photography, the people we meet, about Berlin, history and cycling.
And you guessed it, none of this is possible at the moment because of Corona.
„Corona“ has also tripped me up.
I can’t work as a photographer or give workshops at the moment. There are no guests, so there are no guided tours and nothing is possible in my bike shop, it is too small and therefore closed.
That is crazy.

This year, I decided to publish a magazine about portraits in Cambodia.
Unfortunately I am now lacking my income for this and so I thought that I could try „debt financing“ and applied to StartNext.
Now I hope for donations and of course you can get something for it. E.g. an issue of the magazine.
Would be great if you can help 🙂

If not, do not worry, online you can read the magazine of course for free: Foto Fernweh – Eyes of Cambodia.

Or you stay in this blog and find something here: „Der Mensch – sein Bild“



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