What I make out of it

The new year will differ from the old one in what I make of it.

That’s what I once wrote in a blog post at the turn of the year. 
This year was supposed to be the same…and now? It is so much different!
What I make out of it?
Normally we travel, 4 months in the winter time.
We have learned to deal with „Make plans and it will be different“.
We know that sometime in March we will come back and everything will be the same.
But this time, 2020, everything is different here as well. All over the world, people made plans and it came differently.
We are not used to this. This is new.
What do I wish this „boring“ world back now.
I just want to work, tell my guests the same stories day after day, ask myself in my photo workshops what is so difficult to understand about aperture, exposure time and ISO and I want to unfold and fold a Brompton folding bike for the 50th time a day and still have the customer’s arms tied when they try by themselves.

I want my boring life back by determining when and how much excitement I let in.

Instead, I completed my website and ask myself when I took all these photographs, when we did all these trips and what I could capture next in pixels.
We get up at 5am, sometimes at 0:30am, sometimes we cycle 50km for a photo.
Later on I show them, or not. Who cares?! I do create magazines with photo tips that probably nobody is interested in anyway, because anyone can take photos.

And I do write Blog posts like this and probably ask myself, one year later, what was the problem?

So at the moment I am at a loss „what to do with this year“.

What I make out of it?

No idea.

And if everything is so confusing anyway, then maybe you can have a look at our 360° panoramas. Collected works, whether from the ground or from the air, you will find here Künstle & Jokeair Panoramas.

And if you don’t only want to look, but also want to support me, then you can do so at StartNext.

The old blog post about „what I make out of it“ you can find here: Sichtweisen 2016.

Stay safe. 🖕


What I make