Why is the banana blue?

Why is the banana crooked? or Why is the banana blue?

Our parents are annoyed. We are small, explore the world and we will not stop asking questions. Until one day our parents respond with a question: „Why, why is this banana crooked?“
The answers are often weird!
For example, they say that the only reason bananas are crooked:
– so that they are EU compliant
– because the jungle people bend them over in their boredom.



Bananas are so wonderfully sweet

Their bright yellow colour makes them an eye-catcher. Their packaging is so practical that you can always take them with you and eat them without tools.

But then there comes a time when it gets her first flaws.
Brown spots. You can still eat them, but eventually we throw them away.
Later it changes even more, it will be completely brown. The skin becomes wrinkled and firmer. The content is a yellow mush.
Have any of you ever seen such a process? It’s fascinating and… beautiful.

Why such an „experiment“?

  1. I just wanted to see what happens when I let a banana ripen this far:
    There was an art project, funded by the German Cancer Aid, where you could go into a room with tubes from solariums. But for this you had to wear a suit to protect yourself completely. I took the banana with me and what can I say… it changed from yellow green to brown after 10 minutes. The way it looks here, it needed another 14 days in the windowsill.
    Afterwards I asked a friend to drive over it with the car. 
    Crisp yellow green to wrinkly brown.
    Actually it gathers more attention in the latter condition. Many wanted to touch her. She was really much more exciting.
  2. The question „Why is the banana blue“? is the title of a project I am working on, but it is still ongoing. Therefore I need „Banana Brown“ pictures.
  3. I just thought it was funny and I didn’t think about art then.
  4. And in a way, Facebook is an experiment. It’s exciting to see how people from different cultures react to it. In some countries the banana has a different value than in our country and that shows in the reactions.
    So before you throw away an overripe banana, really leave it alone. The result is exciting.



A banana shooting is something very special 🙂
Whether art or not, bananas have a real meaning in the art scene, namely when they are sprayed on the outside walls of art houses or galleries. Then this is supposed to be a very special place of art. At least according to the feeling of another artist who places them there.
So it’s crazy that an artist is telling others: „You’ll find art worth seeing here“. Surprising, what a banana can do! And so can you.

If you are now interested in some different Photography Workshop feel free to contact me or to visit my Website

But now to the last two questions about this „Yellow Wonder“

Why is the banana blue? Is that art? 

A friend of mine was really upset that I’m photographing old squishy bananas now. Yeah, that’s art. I really thought about it. It started with the question of „what is reality“? Are pictures allowed to be edited or not? Which colour is the right one and I came across a „blue“ banana. For monkeys the transition between brown and yellow areas of the fruit appears in … blue!

I don’t want to describe it too exactly but it makes sense, because a ripe brown banana would be hard to spot in the jungle. Have you ever seen a „blue“ banana? After it riped under UV light and left for some time in the windowsill it became beautiful. And finally a friend of mine got the honourable task to run her over with her car. A banana holds the question „Why is it crooked“ and you also think of something slippery on which you slip, something incredibly sweet and delicious, but never whether it is blue. So there are some reasons to take a look at a banana.

This fruit gets definitively people’s and Monkeys attention.

Almost forgot to answer the main question, why it is crooked?

Dear adults, the banana is only crooked because the banana fruits grow sideways out of the Banana Flower. In order to be sufficiently supplied by the vital light, the fruits must bend upwards. For the same reason, plants also grow upwards, towards the sun. If bananas were growing out of the ground, they would not be crooked, but straight. It’s quite simple, isn’t it?


Just in case you want to find out about being or getting old and what it has to do with this, there is another article (in German): „Das Alter oder Altern. Da haben wir den Salat“.

All pictures about my aged fruits on my website  Andrea Künstle Fotografie 

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